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商务外围什么意思 每日新闻播报(August 7)

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商务外围什么意思 每日新闻播报(August 7)

商务外围什么意思,>is procrastination genetic?



new research appearing in the social cognitive and affective neuroscience journal shows procrastination may be related to genes.


researchers from the university of bochum in germany focused on a single gene which creates an enzyme called tyrosine hydroxylase.德国波鸿大学的研究人员专注于研究一种可产生酪氨酸羟化酶的基因。

this gene helps regulate the production of dopamine — a chemical messenger that plays a role in brain processes such as attention, memory and motivation. the presence of dopamine is different from person to person.这种基因有助于调节多巴胺的产生,多巴胺是一种在注意力、记忆力和动机等脑活动中发挥作用的化学信使。多巴胺释放多寡因人而异。

researchers say this affects "cognitive flexibility". this is related to whether people can multi-task. those who cannot may be forced to make fewer decisions simultaneously.研究人员称,这会影响"认知灵活性"。这种灵活性关系到人们能否同时完成多重任务。不能同时完成多重任务的人不得不在同一时间内少做决定。

this, in turn, makes some people procrastinate or appear lazy. in other words, when people appear lazy, it may not be the fault of their genes.这就使得一些人做事拖沓或者看起来很懒。换句话说,当人们看起来很懒时,或许并非他们自己有错,而是基因"犯的错"。

>richest alumni in the world




tsinghua university and peking university have the asia-pacific region's second- and third-largest ultra-high net worth alumni, according to a report released by wealth information provider wealth-x.


ultra-high net worth individuals are defined as having a net worth in excess of $30 million, the report said.报告称,超高净值人士是指那些净资产超过3000万美元的人群。

the national university of singapore occupies the top spot in the region.新加坡国立大学位列该地区榜首。

the known number of uhnw alumni at tsinghua university and their cumulative wealth are 74 and $103 billion respectively, while those of peking university are 67 and $116 billion.清华大学和北京大学拥有的已知超高净值校友人数分别为74人和67人,其总财富分别达1030亿美元和1160亿美元。

17 of the world's top 20 universities by number of uhnw alumni are from the us. harvard university, the winner in the ranking, has more than 1,830 known uhnw alumni with a total wealth of $1,889 billion.全球诞生超高净值人士最多的20所大学中,有17所来自美国。其中,哈佛大学冠居榜首,其拥有的已知超高净值校友逾1830人,总财富达18890亿美元。

>yuan to remain stable


people walk past the headquarters of the people's bank of china (pboc), the central bank, as two paramilitary police officials patrol around it in beijing, china november 20, 2013. [photo/reuters/jason lee/file photo

china's central bank reiterated on monday it is confident in its ability to keep the yuan's exchange rate stable after both the onshore and offshore yuan broke seven against the us dollar.


the people's bank of china attributed the weakening of the currency beyond 7 yuan per us dollar monday to factors including unilateral and protectionist measures, as well as the expectation of additional tariffs on chinese goods, according to an online statement. 中国人民银行在一份网络声明中表示,受单边主义和贸易保护主义措施及对中国加征关税预期等因素影响,5日人民币对美元汇率有所贬值,突破了7元。

in a statement released on monday evening, pboc governor yi gang said he "is confident in the renminbi continuing to be a strong currency". 5日晚间,中国人民银行行长易纲发表声明称,他对人民币继续作为强势货币充满信心。

yi said china will adhere to the principle of letting the market decide the yuan's exchange rate. "china will not make a competitive devaluation of the yuan, nor will it use exchange rates as means for competition or coping with trade disputes," he said.易纲表示,中国会坚持市场决定的汇率制度,不搞竞争性贬值,不将汇率用于竞争性目的,也不会将汇率作为工具来应对贸易争端。

>honest cyberspace promoted



chinese online service providers and users will be blacklisted if they fabricate, post or spread information that violates social morality, business ethics or honesty toward the public, according to a proposed regulation issued by the cyberspace administration of china.


businesses and individuals offering technologies, devices or services to publish or broadcast fake information to disrupt cyberspace and damage society's interests will also be blacklisted, it said. public opinion is now being solicited on the proposed regulation.


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